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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Did You Know....

The Scenario:

It's a beautiful evening. Your best friends have come over and enjoyed a fabulous dinner with you, a great bottle of wine, and wonderful conversation. Not wanting the evening to draw to a close quite yet, you decide its time for dessert. You had been so excited about spending the evening with your friends and making a wonderful dinner, you plum forgot to do something for dessert! Don't let the panic overtake you, though, because you happen to have a package of refrigerator cookie dough on hand!  You turn the oven on to preheat, and rejoin the conversation. After ten minutes or so, you return to the kitchen to bake the cookies. But when you open the oven door, it hits you. The shock of it startles you. The oven is cold. You double check, 'Did I turn it on?'. Sadly, yes, the oven is on. With a not-so quiet reverence, and probably a few choice words, you close the oven door. What are you going to do?!?!

The Solution:

Don't panic, dear friends! Pan fry those cookies! 

What? Pan fry them?! That sounds absurd! 

Yes, I will admit it does, but it works! While they don't turn out quite so beautifully, they taste good, and will do in a pinch! 

Get out a skillet (cast iron or non-stick would definitely be best for this). You are going to cook these very similarly to how you would cook a pancake. I found it best to split the little pre-made cubes of cookie dough in half, warm them up a bit in my hand and then flatten them out a little. They are going to be really ooey and gooey at first, so let them sit as long as you can before flipping them. And don't worry if you burn the first few. It will take some getting used to. Look at my first attempt:

Horrid, I know! But just like pancakes, you always ruin the first couple of ones. Eventually you will get the hang of how it works, and can end up with some acceptable looking cookies!


  1. OMG, pan fried cookie dough..I LOVE IT! I can tell it DOES taste good, regardless of how it looks and it definitely LOOKS tasty! Fantastic idea that I need to try! :)

  2. Wow, this is so creative! I mean, they make fried Oreos, why not fried cookie dough? LOL. I hope your oven gets fixed soon; mine is broken too which apparently is from over use!

  3. I really want cookies now. And now just any cookies. PAN FRIED cookies. Can we make them when I visit? Whenever that is...?


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