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Friday, February 28, 2014

Featured Finds - February

Guys. Tomorrow is MARCH! I don't think I have ever been so excited for a new month before, but man am I ready! I think its safe to say that 97% of us are totally done with winter and ready for spring! Bring on the rain, the tulips, the warm weather! The girls in this house definitely need to get out of doors for a while, take a walk, open the windows, enjoy some fresh air! I'm also totally ready to share some super fun stuff with you for this month's Featured Finds!

I'm not sure if I have gushed about these books before now (and if I have, just bear with me), but I think you all need to know about the coolest books in town. I buy these awesome Indestructible Baby Books for pretty much every single baby I know. These books are actually made for babies to read - they can be slobbered on, chewed on, crumpled in little fists, and they keep on going. Plus I love the gorgeous art work in each one. We have all the animal themed ones, but there are also ones that revolve around nursery rhymes.


Speaking of books, I've read the third and fourth books in the Sigma Force series by James Rollins this month. Seriously you guys, you need to read these books! I've become obsessed, I know, but how can you not love scientist spies delving into history and saving the world? It's all my loves - science, history, art, adventure, and a whole lot of fun all wrapped up in a pretty package. Someone please read them already and tell me you love them as much as I do!

Muchkin has decided she is totally ready to eat some real food lately. She is loving it! Pretty sure its her favorite time of the day. Each bite comes with a smile, flapping arms and then squealing/screaming until you hurry up and give her the next bite already! :) When Ladybug was a baby I made all her baby food, and I plan to do the same this time, too. No fancy equipment is needed, just a food processor, sieve, and  some ice cube trays (I do happen to think that these special trays with lids are the bomb and totally worth it). I have several posts dedicated to baby food but I also recommend the Wholesome Baby Food website - it is seriously, hands down, the BEST resource out there for making baby food.

And speaking of Munchkin, this thing has totally saved my sanity. I wasn't actually going to buy one of these types of toys (baby toys that are nothing but flashing lights and buttons that make noises irritate the crap out of me). But I happened to see this one at a friend's house and fell in love. The only thing that makes noise is the keyboard, and guess what - it plays real music. Everything else is a manipulation toy, removable, and not overly stimulating (another pet peeve of mine is when baby toys have 75 different colors and textures on them. If it gives me a sensory overload, I cannot imagine what it does to a baby...) Anyway, we set it up in the kitchen and Munchkin and Ladybug are having a marvelous time playing and bonding together, and I get to actually cook dinner! Winning all around!

We don't normally buy snack food at the grocery store. Chips, crackers, that type of stuff tends to disappear in literally minutes. So we just avoid buying it except for special circumstances. But I happened to be at the store all by myself one day (how crazy is that!) and was meandering aimlessly. I spied these awesome bags of BoomChickaPop on an end cap and couldn't help but take a second look. These bags of popcorn are super delicious AND I can identify and pronounce every ingredient AND they are all less than 100 calories per serving! Score!

You probably know that Home Depot does those fun build-it workshops for little kids on Saturdays. But did you also know that they have Do-It-Herself workshops just for women? They have fun, easy and FREE workshops every month to teach skills such as using power tools and installing tile. Plus you get to bring home a cute craft, too! We've been doing them with my MOPS group and we all love it! Check out your local store and see what they offer next! (You do have to register before hand!)

What to see what other things I have been loving? Check out these posts! Please note that some of these links are Affiliate Links, meaning I get paid a very small percentage if you make a purchase using this link. Some of these links are just because I love the product and I am not compensated in any way. However, all of the links are to products, posts, and ideas that I love, personally own or use, and that I like them enough to share them with you. Thanks for supporting me and my blog!

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  1. The babies love those books that you got them! I love that when I read them with the babies, the story can be different each time!

    We have tons of those flashing lights-poor renditions of good music toys. Some are ok, most are not. They've all been given to us, though, not asked for. I think people think because we're musicians we'll dig it? Except the Mozart Magic Cube because it is rock awesome. I probably played with it more the first day the kids got it than they did!


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